Top Ways to Grow and Care for Snake Plants

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Snake Plants or Sansevieria have become increasingly popular for their indestructible nature that even black thumbs can deal with. Their spiky sculptural leaves elevate your spaces by bringing a graceful touch to your indoors. Best known for their air-purifying nature, snake plants are an individual’s first choice. Growing and taking care of snake plants is very easy. All you have to do is follow this guide, and you will have an ever-growing snake plant your indoors:


Locate in a shady place

As you already know, snake plants are the best scientifically proven air-purifying plants; place them at corners of your home where they get an ample amount of sunlight. They are scientifically proven to make your surroundings clean and healthy. Locate your plant indoors to purify the air around you by removing stress and negativity from the atmosphere.

Buying the plant

The most important step of growing a snake plant is buying the right plant for you Indoors. Being one the most demanded houseplants, it comes in large varieties. It is best to choose a plant with dark green and unbroken leaves. For this, Leaf Baba offers excellent varieties and prices. Also, make sure that the pot is more significant than the plant. There are several types of pots available in the market. You can also choose a self-watering pot for your convenience.


Snake plants do not really need re-potting much as they are slow growers. It needs re-potting once in 2-3 years. Re-pot only when the roots start appearing on the top, and there is no space left for the plant to grow. If placed in a dull environment, it needs re-potting only every 3-5 years.  

Water and light

Do you know snake plants are well known to grow when they are forgotten? Well, that’s right, then only need a small amount of attention or no attention at all. Placing them in a dark-spaced area will not affect them much. They are capable of surviving all types of environments. Make sure not to wet the leaves while watering the plant and water only when it gets fully dry.

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