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 Filagra Pill is a prescription drug for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in adult men over the age of 18. It must be taken one hour before sexual activity and with food to avoid stomach upset. It is not recommended for women, adolescents, or paediatrics. This drug is only available through a doctor's prescription and comes in different strengths. You can buy the drug at any pharmacy or from your doctor. It should be stored in a cool and dry place, out of direct sunlight and heat.


The effectiveness of Filagra is largely due to its ability to control the activity of the PDE5 enzyme, which inhibits the production of cGMP in the body. This in turn increases blood flow to the penile area, making the penile stiffer on sexual stimulation. However, this drug does not cause an erection without sexual stimulation, and so the benefits of Filagra are not complete until you have sexual intercourse.


Filagra has many benefits. The medication is FDA-approved and works fast and lasts up to four hours. It also works in men of all ages, regardless of age, and is suitable for oral intake. It is available as a pill or as an oral jelly. For the most effective results, consult with your doctor to find out which dosage is best for you. It's important to note that the dosage prescribed by your doctor will vary depending on your age, health, and other factors.


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