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Extra Super P Force works by interfering with the production of the PDE5 hormone in the body. This is a hormone that is responsible for erectile dysfunction, so the extra boost from the drug will make it easier for you to have a harder erection. This medicine is best taken one to three hours before you plan to have sex. The pills will start working right away and will last up to four hours, which makes it a great choice for men who are having problems achieving an erection or experiencing painful ejaculations.

While most of these medications cause adverse side effects, there is one exception. If you're suffering from cardiac dysfunction, you should not use Extra Super P Force. Also, you should not drive or operate machinery while taking it. Furthermore, you should seek medical attention if your erections last longer than four hours or are extremely painful. This drug may damage tissues and even cause permanent heart failure. So, when you are thinking about trying it out, be sure to talk to your doctor and follow any instructions carefully.

For people who have a history of bleeding disorders, it's vital to discuss the Extra Super P Force with their doctors. There are some conditions that you should avoid before taking this product. These include penile deformities, myeloma, and bleeding disorders. These conditions should not prevent you from taking this drug. SafeGenericPharmacy.com offers a consultation form to help you choose the right supplement.

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