Ritvi Kadam


Indian cooking and lifestyle have undergone tremendous changes in the last 15 years. Many factors are responsible for this change. These are globalization, dual-income, separate living of couples, the role of media and pressure of marketing, etc. Due to lifestyle pressure, nowadays people prefer an easy short way of cooking food rather than spending too much time in elaborate cooking. India has become the hub of many multinationals who catalyze, nurture and exploit the rapid change in our lifestyles. Many people are migrating to cities for jobs and education. 
Instant precooked foods with a range of the most popular Indian dishes in a packet of 100 grams to 500 grams are suggested. This range should be convinced to provide the consumer with an experience of authentic, home-made food at an affordable price. These should be 100% natural and have zero preservatives. Convenience and authentic taste now have a new name and trust in the instant precooked foods.
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