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Find the latest functional medicine labs at Your Guided Health Journey. Some health conditions are simple to diagnose and cure, while others appear to be a guessing game for your doctor. Arms that have been broken need to be fixed and cast. Lack of sleep fatigue necessitates a regimen and a dedication to rest. Stretching or massage can help relieve the pain of tight muscles. In circumstances like these, the source of your pain is evident, and the treatment approach is rather simple. Unfortunately, not every condition is as simple as to treat or determine the source of the problem. One of the reasons functional medicine has been more popular in the last decade is its capacity to effectively treat diseases and symptoms that traditional doctors have been unable to diagnose. The holistic, partner-based approach that functional medicine provides is the key to this. Practitioners of functional medicine see themselves as partners with their patients, understanding that each patient has a unique and particular physiological ecosystem influenced by genetic, environmental, and psychological factors. Functional medicine is also firmly science-based, and laboratory testing is one area of intersection between traditional and holistic treatment. For more details, call us at 604-905-8859.
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