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Presto Secure Seal Tester is one of the consistent tools that is used to test the seal integrity of PET bottles and plastic containers. This lab testing equipment is highly useful in the PET bottle manufacturing industry and ensures that the seal of bottles should be intact. Testing the seal of a bottle is important in order to ensure that the product inside is safe and fresh. This lab testing equipment made by the experts at Presto works on microprocessor-based controls which will allow the users to easily conduct the seal integrity test of PET products. By detecting gas leakage rather than liquid, the secure seal tester gives more sensitive and accurate readings. The secure seal tests sample is closed tightly to check for any leakage of gas. You can read about the features and technical specifications of these lab testing instruments. Please checkout our other popular Instruments - bottle cap torque tester, bottle neck cutter, colour matching cabinet, digital top load tester, vibration table supplier,

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