High precision measured 5mW to 50mW 520nm green dot laser alignment


In order to make clear enough dot measurement at various work distances, not the same as a simple green laser pointer for temporary use, it makes even better job with a 520nm green dot laser alignment. It projects intense and highly visible forest green laser beam emission from a 520nm green laser diode within 5mW to 50mW. The unique use of cooling system and APC, ACC driving circuit board are cooperating well. It enables high stability green dot projection up to 85% in continuous use.
This 520nm green laser module applies AC/DC adapter, not spending extra time on battery change, it enables long lasting green laser beam and green dot projection from laser beam aperture. It gets no effect by overheating and over current impact as well. When it makes freely adjusted laser beam focus and dot emitting direction, it brings users low price and low manual labor force input dot measurement perfectly.
Item: Berlinlasers 5mW to 50mW 520nm green dot laser alignment
Laser class: IIIa, IIIb
Optic lens: glass coated lens
Power source: 5V, 9V 1000mA DC power supply
Applications: drilling system, laser marking, laser engraving, laser medical treatment, high tech etc

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