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CBD Distillate For Sale, CBD Distillate provides a versatile product for achieving countless CBD product formulations. Our Broad-Spectrum CBD distillate contains all of the naturally-occurring cannabinoids but with zero THC content. The final processing step in the refinement of extracted oils can be provided in the form of a distillate fraction in which the cannabinoids are isolated into separate fractions from the plant terpenes and flavonoids and any other less desirable residuals in the crude oil (chlorophyll, lipids, etc.). The resulting oil is very light in color, has almost no taste or aroma, is very consistent, solvent-free, and fully decarboxylated. The cannabinoid content is also higher (in the range of 80%) as compared to crude oil.

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Hemp Depot offers a full selection of bulk CBD products, ranging from bulk CBD isolate powder to tinctures to softgel pills and beyond. We sell a full line of bulk CBD oil including crude oil, distillate and isolate products. Kilo pricing is available online and bulk pricing is available upon request. We also stock and sell a full line of botanical products including trimed hemp flower and whole plant material.
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