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    Professional business advisory services

    We are the Catalyst Group, a Business advisory services firm that helps companies grow by aligning resources with priorities and leveraging knowledge of one another. We know what it takes to be successful in this today's competitive market - which is why we've helped many other businesses achieve their goals just like you want! Our consulting services cover strategy for businesses looking transform themselves into industry leaders through innovation or ac...  more
  • Catalyst Group
    1375 Enclave Pkwy, Houston, Texas 77077, USA
    At The Catalyst Group, we believe long-term partnerships with business owners, entrepreneurs and employees produce the greatest outcomes. We are more than capital providers. We work closely with ma...
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    New business startup support through advisory services with experts It's great to be a company owner. It can be scary, too. Especially if you first start a new company, there is so much...
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    Increase growth capital

    Want to increase growth capital; The Catalyst Group is always standing with you to help you. We provide flexible finance solutions to both mid-market and high-revenue businesses. When you don't have enough assets to put up as collateral, you might use growth capital to raise funds. Our financial professionals are familiar with your market, understand your business objectives, and can offer practical advice on the best financing options. Get to know our staff and select a...  more
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    Expertise in operations strategy

    The Catalyst Group has expertise in operations strategy. Through comprehensive, value-added advising services, we assist our customers in putting their vision into strategy. It necessitates the development of distinctive and result-oriented tactics to link vision and strategy, as well as the collection of important data by businesses. In every aspect of our business, we strive to be the finest in the industry. We strive to provide our clients with technical and ...  more
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    Impressive business advisory services

    Get impressive business advisory services from The Catalyst Group. We look at how businesses can meet their cost and revenue targets, compare projected and actual results, and enhance their return on investment using their current asset structure. Our staff gathers critical knowledge on industry concerns, legislation, and market dynamics to provide specialized advice to both large and small clients. We conduct research and problem-solving creatively and eff...  more
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    Discover structure capital

    Discover structure capital at The Catalyst Group. The proper structuring of capital sources has now become a vital aspect of business planning, which will aid in the growth of your company. There are numerous possibilities, some of which can be difficult to comprehend. We recommend that you speak with a company that specializes in business strategy and financial planning before settling on a capital structure. So let our seasoned accountants show you how to properly s...  more
    Business Advisory Services Houston | Private Equity Firms | Capital St
    The Catalyst Group is a leading private equity and venture capital firms based in Houston. Our business advisory services includes capital...